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Nail Art With Fairfax Station Nails And Spa

There are classic painted nails and then there is nail art. Nail art is the decorative and creative application to enhance a manicure. This is the attention grabbing application for those who wish for their manicure to stand out. This can be created on natural, gel and powdered nails and is all the rage in nail design!

Not every nail technician is up to the task of creating a truly unique nail style but at Fairfax Station Nails and Spa we pride ourselves on our expert Nail Technicians’ ability to create and apply nail art that is definitively different and definitively you. How do we do that? By getting to know our customer. What is your style? What are your go-to colors for fashion? What event are you having your nails painted for? And if you aren’t sure our qualified nail technicians can walk you through your options to create nail art unlike any other. Browse our Gallery for inspiration…

This eye-catching application uses a classic color to ground the manicure, applications to provide interest and sparkle to create a bit of whimsy. This varied nail application adds depth and interest to this decidedly feminine nail style and also symmetry. This symmetry is what makes this non-traditional application aesthetically pleasing. The length and shape of this manicure intensifies the feminine quality of the nail art design. We love how the hot pink plays off the silver and gold; this is simply nail art that cannot be missed!

This manicure is purposely mate and two-toned to create an edgy look. The diamond embellishment provides a glam look to the mate finish. Mate nails are a popular alternative to the classic standard gloss and a hot look for fall. This is a wonderful deviation on the traditional polish and certainly makes a statement. We love the two toned design of black and grey with a merging of the two on the center fingertip!

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This manicure takes a subtle twist on the classic. The statement nail art on one fingertip, of each hand, creates the illusion of a marbled effect. The center-point of this custom manicure is obvious, flirty and fun without being overly dominant. If you are considering adding some interest to your basic polish this is a fabulous place to start. We love the soft rounded shape of this nail design and the neutral colors which further enhance the subtle beauty of the look!

Whatever nail art statement you are looking to make, the creative nail technicians of Fairfax Station Nails and Spa can achieve. Make an appointment and bring in an inspiration picture or work directly with your technician to provide the perfect nail art design for fabulous you! And don’t forget to see what are satisfied customers are saying.

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