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Fabulous You!

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Pretty nails are much like pretty hair or well applied makeup: they define you as a strong, beautiful lady. As women, we need not only to be smart and capable, but we need to well kempt.

When we think of our nails what do we think of? We want them to look pretty and polished, but we also want them to be functional. Depending on your occupation you can decide on what kind of mails you want. But one thing we know is that we want them to look pretty and polished. We’ve all seen lovely ladies with chipped or unpolished nails. You have a choice: get them polished and pretty or let them look messy and unkempt.

Luckily, Fairfax Station Nails and Spa has many options to keep your nails looking fabulous and functional.

If you use a keyboard, like many of us ladies, we can give you a gel manicure that will endure and be easy to type with. Typing with ridiculously long nails is a chore none of us need!

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If you are out in the field, at cocktail parties, answering the phone, we can give you gorgeous long acrylic or gel nails to affirm your femininity and confidence.

We don’t just do your nails: we ask you what you are doing with them. But one thing we promise is that that your nails will be spectacular and make you feel just like the strong, powerful lady you are.

At Fairfax Station Nails and Spa you have many options: manicures, gel manicures, powder, acrylic, liquid gels and more. But whatever your choice it will match your lifestyle and keep you looking like fabulous you!

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