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Covid Safe

Fairfax Station Nails and Spa understands it has been a hard year for all of us. We further understand that sometimes a girl just needs to feel like a pretty girl again. Remember when we couldn’t get our hair done? Our nails done. A waxing. We are finally getting back to some sense of normalcy and yet we are all concerned with another shut down. That is why we all need to do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. At Fairfax Station Nails and Spa, we want you to rest assured that we are implementing all CDC recommendations to keep our beloved staff and customers safe and to keep everyone feeling fabulous!

Fairfax Station Nails and Spa, like all other nail salons, was shut done during the initial Covid wave. We have reopened, with the certitude, that is a result of knowledge and action that we can keep our staff and customers safe. We have read, listened, and taken every foreseeable action to continue to run our nail salon and ensure the safety and well being of our staff and customers.

When you visit

us, we want you

to enjoy the

same respite of

relaxation and

beauty that you

expect. As such

we have taken

the following


  • Every day temperature check of our nail technicians
  • Providing our nail technicians with the latest and greatest of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Requiring our clients to wear a face covering and do a thorough handwashing before contact with our nail technicians
  • Requiring our nail technicians to wash their hands before working with our customers
  • Having accessible gel sanitization stations with an alcohol concentration of 70% or higher
  • Providing hand washing stations
  • Staggering appointments
  • Plexiglass on each nail station and pedicure station
  • Staggering of all nail and pedicure stations to ensure social distancing
  • Reducing our waiting room capacity
  • Providing fresh gloves for our nail technicians for all customers
  • Posting signs where all customers and employees can see guidelines for hand washing, social distancing, face coverings and cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Laundering all cloths on high heat for washing and drying
  • Sanitizing all stainless-steel nail equipment and disposing of anything that cannot be sanitized
  • Disinfecting all touch screens, pens, counters, chairs, pedicure bowls, restrooms, doorknobs, light switches, and all surfaces in between all customers

It’s been a hard year. We all need a bit of joy and beauty. Let’s keep being fabulous, being safe and, most importantly, being smart. At Fairfax Station Nails and Spa we have beautiful you protected and pampered; just like you should be!

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